Trip: La Laguna, Puerto Galera, Philippines

21 to 23 January 2012

Only a drive and boat ride away from Manila and you are in the big blue! Very easy trip, no air travel to worry about and great long weekend possibilities. Dive sites are very varied and well preserved, especially considering that there are a large number of dive shops, so close easy to get to and very well known.

Lots of dive shops mean good competition, good equipment and good prices! Great place to do courses as lots of relaxing dives to ease you into t all, great corals hard and soft, fish galore and a few wrecks, caves and current wall dives to round it all off. Perfect.

We stayed at La Laguna Beach Club a good dive shop, with good, well trained guides and instructors. Good food, clean rooms and lovely staff. Beach is not great, but you can get boats to amazing beaches pretty easily.

Dive Logs
3 dives logged at 3 sites
Cumulative Bottom Time
3 hours
Cumulative Depth
66 m
Average Maximum Depth
22 m


  • Jan 2012

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