You can use the search box to find Dive Regions & Sites. The Atlas lets you use your mouse to visit dive sites on all seven continents.
Details and location of the dive sites you are interested in.
Learn about the world's dive regions while planning your trip.
Search for what you're looking for.

Type the name of a Region (Egypt ) or a Dive Site (Blue Hole ) into the search box to find information about dive areas around the world. You can see the different areas of the country you can dive in, popular sites, and general information about diving there.

We have tried to list as many sites along with their alternate names as possible. For example, you can enter “Blue Hole” into the list and choose the correct one for the region you are interested in.If you cannot find the site you are looking for please see the information on Contributing to the Dive Seven Community.

Browse the world using the Atlas.

The Dive Seven Atlas shows you dive sites all over the world. Use your mouse to grab (click and hold the button down) the map to center it on the area you are interested in.

Once you have done that use the + / - slider on the lefthand side of the Atlas to zoom in and out. Once you get close enough to show a manageable number of dive sites, the dive flag markers will appear. You can click on the marker to see more details and you can click on the links to visit the Site page or any of the Regions the site is in.