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United Kingdom

Also known as United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, UK

A sovereign state of Europe.

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Top 10 Dive Sites in United Kingdom

Flag of EnglandEngland, Warwickshire
Flag of EnglandEngland, Cambridgeshire
Flag of EnglandEngland, English Channel, Portsmouth
Flag of EnglandEngland, Lancashire, Irish Sea
Flag of EnglandEngland, London, Berkshire
Flag of EnglandEngland, English Channel, Dorset
Flag of EnglandEngland, North Yorkshire
Flag of WalesWales, Gwynedd
Flag of EnglandEngland, Bristol Channel, Gloucestershire
Flag of EnglandEngland, Plymouth, English Channel, Cornwall

Top 10 Operators in United Kingdom

  1. The Diving Centre Tyne and Wear
  2. Academy Divers West Yorkshire
  3. Blue Ocean Diving Kent
  4. Dive Odyssea/Bel Air Essex, North Sea
  5. Above & Below Dive Centre Kingston upon Hull, North Sea
  6. Dive Action The Manacles, Lizard Peninsula, English Channel
  7. London School of Diving London, Hounslow
  8. Aquanauts Dive Centre Plymouth, English Channel, Plymouth
  9. Newhaven Scuba Centre East Sussex
  10. Wittering Divers English Channel, West Sussex
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