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A locality of South Sinai, Egypt, Africa.

Dahab is a former Bedouin fishing village that turned into a popular spot for backpackers. It has since seen the arrival of major hotel chains and more than 50 dive operators and is one of the premier dive destinations in the world.

Diving Dahab

The most famous (infamous) sites in Dahab are probably the Blue Hole and El Bells right next to it. The Blue Hole is a sinkhole that is approximately 120m/400ft deep. The Blue Hole is a shore dive marked by a sign saying "East Entry".

The logistics of diving in Dahab are similar to a land-based liveaboard. There are many dive operators there with accommodation and the majority of diving is shore based. This makes Dahab a relatively cheap destination for a very high standard of diving. Many operators offer diving, accommodation, and breakfast packages for divers from a hostel standard all the way to 4 and 5 star luxury.

Surface Intervals

Walking along the waterfront in Dahab Village you will find friendly Egyptians trying to get you into their restaurant or shop. Enjoying a Bedouin tea and a sheesha (waterpipe) can be a very nice way to end a day of diving. (Sheesha Tip: Just get the Apple ('Too-Fah' in Arabic). The other flavors sound enticing but the apple is the best and anyone with experience can confirm that).

There are several day trips available from Dahab to Sharm el Sheikh (to dive the SS Thistlegorm for example), My Sinai, Petra in Jordan, and more. One thing to be aware of however is that to get to some places from Dahab you drive over some small mountains. Check with your dive operator NOT the tour operator to see if your 'No Fly' time is actually 'No Drive' time too for your desired destination.

Some Favorite Things

  • Apple Sheesha
  • Bedouin Tea
  • Mint Tea
  • Bread & Hummous, Tahina, Babaganoush, and Tadziki

Helpful Words

  • Hello - ah salam alaykoom ('peace be upon you') Also marhaba.
  • Thank You - shokran
  • Goodbye - ma salam

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