Flag of Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island

Also known as Malapascua

An island of Philippines, Asia.

You need to put Malapascua Island on your diving todo list. It is a beautiful place and one of the best places in the world to see Thresher Sharks which are a real treat.

They dive year round on Malapascua but the seasons are like this:

High Season (Dry Season) is from December to April. The weather is the best but popular dive sites can be quite crowded. Monad Shoal we're talking to you.

Low Season (Wet / Typhoon Season) is from July to December.

Thresher Sharks and Mantas can be seen year round. The best time to see Hammerheads is in the Dry Season.

If you are on Malapascua during High Season, the operators seem to have a rotation on early time slots for Monad Shoal. Top tip is to dive Monad the day your operator is slotted to be first and see Thresher Sharks instead of a wall of bubbles.

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