Flag of Russia


Also known as Russian Federation, Rossiya, Rossiyskaya Federatsiya, Russian Empire, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic

A country of Europe.

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Top 10 Dive Sites in Russia

Flag of KrasnodarKrasnodar, Black Sea
Flag of ChelyabinskChelyabinsk
Flag of NizhegorodNizhegorod
Flag of MoskovsskayaMoskovsskaya
Flag of Kabardin-BalkarKabardin-Balkar
Flag of KareliaKarelia, White Sea
Flag of IrkutskIrkutsk
Flag of Ryazan'Ryazan'

Top 10 Operators in Russia

  1. Sea Angels Moskva
  2. Diving Center - Atrina City of St. Petersburg
  3. Crocodile Moskva
  4. Dive Band City of St. Petersburg, Gulf of Finland
  5. Dive Globus Moskva
  6. Dive Pro Kursk
  7. Diving Center Katran Bryansk
  8. Diving Center Neptun Samara
  9. Pro Diving Club City of St. Petersburg
  10. Service Center SSI Russia Moskovsskaya
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