Fantasy Lake Dock

This is where we entered the lake. Our cars are just up from here. There were other divers there from Wilmington which is a coastal town, but apparently no one dives in the winter. For me, this is odd, as the winter is the best time to dive in Alaska because there is no runoff from the glaciers, there is no algae bloom, and the kelp has died down. Maybe the runoff in the Atlantic is bad during the winter, or maybe divers there are just scared of cold water. Here the temp is about 50-55F and these people were full of complaints. I was used to 38F water, so I was thinking it was bath time! There were two girls who came along with the Wilmington divers who were not divers themselves. They were brave enough to take a plunge, though one just jumped in and the other took a while to inch her way in.
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