Key Largo

I haven't used the underwater housing for my Canon Powershot A95 much since I bought it a few years ago. So I looked forward to some snorkeling at the coral reef along the Florida Keys... It was fun snorkeling, but unfortunately the water wasn't so clear as I had hoped. So getting good pictures was rather difficult (but still very fun...). This and all the other underwater pictures has gone through some serious post-processing in Photoshop to enhance the contrast in the rather "muddy" originals... On some of the pictures this is done to the extreme, which is visible by rather poor technical quality. Also because of the "muddy" water the contrast of the motives was very little on the camera's LCD display. That combined with the strong sun and a little moisture in my diving mask, made it impossible for me to see the motive I was shooting on the camera display. So I generally just pointed the camera in the direction of my motives and hoped I got the subjects in focus and framed in a nice way... I got this one pretty nice I think...
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