Ambil Island and Lubang

The island in the center of the frame is Ambil island. In the distance, that wispy thin line-like land area is another island called Golo Island. Further from Golo island is the mountain of Calavite, part of the province of Mindoro Occidental. To the right of the image is the largest of this group of islands -- Lubang. From this vantage point, if you head for the left of the frame, that would be heading east -- you are headed for the strait of Mindoro. To the right(west) -- there's almost nothing -- it takes you to South China sea. When I took this shot, I'm actually heading for the southwest(SW), SSW to be a bit exact. Lubang(the landmass to the right of the frame) island is the place where the last Japanese soldier involved in world war II surrendered. The soldier surrendered in 1974, about 30 years after the war. Location of this place is about 60 miles SSW of Manila International Airport. Ambil Island, Occidental Mindoro Philippines
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