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Dedicated to Jenny Huang who introduced me the underwater world This is another shot from my first underwater photography experience. Location: Kish island, Persian Gulf, Iran I also captured a video of this beautiful fish. Unfortunately the white-balance of camera was set for flash mode, so the movie is totally green! And the Google video reduces its quality so you can't see the details any more. BTW it worse a look: video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8124645256823906901 Increase the volume of your speaker and hear my breathing ;) Hey I don't know the English name for the fish and the sea plant. In Persian the fish is called "Dalghak Mahi" (which means "Clown Fish"), and the plant is called "Shaghayegh-e Daryayi" (which means "Sea Puppy"). Anybody can help? //edit: Thanks mohsentaleb, the fish is Clownfish and the plant/animal is Sea Anemone -- Added to Flickr Explore (interestingness) archive of 28 November 2007.
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