Khezr Beach, Hormoz Island, Persian Gulf, Iran

HORMOZGAN GATHERING, DAY 4: Don't miss the LARGE on black. This is Khezr beach in Hormoz island. Khezr (خضر) is known to be a prophet in Quran. More about Khezr (Al-Khidr) here: And local people say that this beach is named Khezr beach, because someday he walked in this beach. There is a small shrine with a green dome over it named "Khezr Footprint". You can see the map and zoom to the highest level to see the shrine. The mountains in the frame are in south east side of the shrine. You can simply find them in satellite view of the map. This shot is related to my day by day itinerary of our journey to Hormozgan, during 7th Iranian Flickr Gathering: Hormozgan. Wait for more photos of each day of journey at upcoming near future ;)
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