U-352 off Morehead City, NC

On 5/9/1942, the U-352 spotted another vessel and quickly fired two torpedoes. Both failed to hit their target. The ship turned out to be the US Coast Guard Cutter Icarus which quickly turned and made its initial attack run on the U-352. The Icarus fired 5 depth charges which severely damaged the u-boat internally, wrecked the conning tower and blew off its deckgun. Two more depth charge attacks forced the U-352 to the surface where the u-boat commander KL Rathke ordered the scuttling and abandonment of his ship. The Icarus continued its attack with machine guns and 3 inch guns while the u-boat crew attempted to abandon ship. In the end, 17 crew were killed and the rest were taken to Charleston, SC as prisoners of war. My Social Media Personae
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