Murky Definition

Large Size Much Better By far the Coolest Wreck we saw. Although we saw a 400' WWII Ship and a few other sites, this one was Special. At the other Dive Sites we went with the Group and a Boat and a Dive Master and had everything there for us, taken care of by others. For this dive, we went on our own. Walked in from the Shore, were told to look for the Buoy beyond the Rocks and dive there. We DID NOT see the Buoy. Dove down anyways and moved forward, slowly underwater. And then...BOOM! You see this sight. It was Eerie. This is a good size Plane. You can see the little fish in front. Hard to explain that feeling of "Coming Upon" such a sight underwater. Spooky, Eerie, Fun and Adventurous all at the same time. Great Stuff. Not my Shot. Some more Shots. Larry Relaxing with Bubbles ------- Blue Jet Wings Right Side Now Boarding
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