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Online dive logging and dive sites on all seven continents.


Enjoying a drink on the beach after a fantastic day of diving on a trip through Asia two guys discussed how nice it would be to have online versions of the logs they had just written. They talked about that for a while and it was fun. But, they had work to do. They were leaving for the Philippines soon and they wanted to find out where the best dive sites were, where their friends would recommend that they dive, who to dive with, any liveaboards that might be a good idea, and more. All that stuff you do sitting in cafe for 4 hours.

One of them mentioned that if their friends dive logs were online, they could see where they had dived in the Philippines, whether they liked it, what operators to go with, everything they were trying to find. Then, a realization hit them both at the same time and they looked up from their laptops and said simultaneously, "I'm hungry, let's order a pizza".

A few days passed and our intrepid team finally realized the obvious. After searching and not finding anything that they really liked, they decided to build it themselves. You are here now. It isn't done yet and we really need your help but we hope that you think it's a good start.

Some Things We Believe

We think that the oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers of this planet are the most amazing things we've got going for us. We think that divers should take the lead in helping educate everyone about protecting these fantastic resources and the life in them. We think sharks are cool.


We would love to hear your ideas about anything that would be useful to you on the Dive Seven site (or anywhere else really, we're here to help). We use a product called UserVoice that lets you submit and vote on ideas. To submit and idea you will need to login to UserVoice (with a facebook or google account). If that takes too long just send us an email, tweet, Facebook message, or better yet, find us on a liveaboard somewhere.)

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