Manta Ray Madness

Also known as Manta Madness, Manta Night Dive, Manta Ray Bay, Manta Ray Night Dive, Manta Village, Sheraton Manta Ray

Sea (Salt water)
Coral Reef, Rock, Sand, Snorkel / Free-dive Friendly
12.9 m (avg)
25 m (max)
Diver Level
All Divers

This is a very popular site for night diving and manta ray sightings are very common. Around four out of five dives will enjoy sightings. If you're lucky you'll see Big Bertha who has a 12ft wing span! Other famous ray include Salem and Captain Kirk. Groups of 5 to 15 mantas are not uncommon.

Be prepared that the rays may touch you, and that their wings may hit your regulator and cables. If in doubt, lower your head when they approach you.

The adjacent Sheraton Hotel shines lights into the water which attract plankton, which in turn attract the manta rays.

There can be moderate to heavy surge here at times.

As well as the mantas you can hope to see turtles, morays, garden eels, squirrel fish, big-eyed jacks, yellow goat fish and raccoon butterfly fish.

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