Yukon Wreck

Also known as HMCS Yukon

Sea (Salt water)
Wreck, Artificial Reef, Sand
20.7 m (avg)
32 m (max)

Lots of strawberry and white plumed anemone growing all over the ship. Noticed the orange and blue Spanish Shawl this time around too. I saw a starfish on one of these dives too. Don't remember if it was this dive or the previous. Also some bright pink urchin growing on the sand (or anemone?) Explored more of the ship this time around, venturing around back near the propeller and looking under the ship. Only 1 white Wrasse hung out down there from what I could see. Thank God for the super bright flashlight I borrowed from Tom. I don't know if my own was as powerful and didn't want to risk it. Felt like we had a little bit more bottom time probably because we descended without problems like the first dive. He also got his GoPro back before we even jumped off the boat because another diver found it and brought it back to the ship! He offered a $50 reward for it. We were happy to have it for the 2nd dive. Tom ran out of air super fast this dive and was really really low when we reached the surface, like at 500 psi or below. I didn't want us to rush up though and skip our safety stop or anything so I had my 2nd stage ready for him to breath from if need be so we could properly ascend. Ascended in a school of blue fish which was neat. I think they were Blue Halfmoon fish?

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