Sea (Salt water)
7 m (avg)
15 m (max)
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Another easy shore dive, Fairlight boasts a wide range of resident sealife – Old wives, stripies, john dory, leatherjackets, bream, sea pike and the ocassional Eagle Ray are all found here. Fairlight also has a huge varieaty of nudibranchs and exotic fish species so swim slowly and keep your eyes out for the unusual. The entry point is off an exposed rock platform (low tide) - you then swim approx 50 metres to the drop off which runs parallel to the shore. Here you will find small overhangs, the wreck of a small fishing boat and some great gullys Being inside the harbour visibility ranges from 5 to 10 metres The maximum depth on this site is approx 10 metres at high tide. Fairlight is an excellent night dive.

This site can be dived anytime except during strong S of SE winds or swells.

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From Sydney Airport Amo, 18 km away.