Globe Star Wreck

Also known as MS Globe Star

Sea (Salt water)
10 m (max)
Diver Level
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The remains of the Globe Star, a 137m/451ft grain carrying cargo ship, is probably Mombasa's best wreck dive. She launched in 1952 and sunk here on 27 April 1972 along Nyali Reef as a result of navigational error while carrying 10,000 tons of wheat on the way to Karachi, Pakistan. Salvage operations were abandoned when the vessel broke in half. Three divers died during a salvage attempt in November of that year from gas poisoning in hold number three.

In 1978, the wreck was demolished by Divecon Ltd, leaving the remains underwater. Since then, most of the superstructure has been salvaged, but you can still see the Doxford 4-cylinder diesel engine block, masts, lower deck and propeller.

She lies on the sandy bottom at around 10m/33ft.

Morays, lionfish, parrot fish and pelagics. The substantial development of marine life here has paved the way for additional artificial reef projects in Kenya.

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