The Canyon

Also known as Fish Bowl

Sea (Salt water)
Coral Reef, Canyon, Cavern
17.5 m (avg)
65 m (max)
Diver Level
Advanced Only

One of the very best dive sites in the Dahab area. The Canyon is actually a crack supposedly formed by an earthquake. Divers can enter the canyon and there are a few exit points. One is around 30m / 100ft and another deeper around 50m/165ft.

The Canyon itself is a beautiful formation to see and descending down the Canyon is an experience you will not forget. The rest of the area is also amongst the best in Dahab. You can see Eagle Rays, Octopus, and much more.

The name Fish Bowl is often used as an alternate name for this site because of a cavern or "grotto" formation near the Canyon.

The cavern has been closed to divers since 2007 because the high amount of diver traffic and their bubbles were feared to be causing the structure to weaken. You can still see inside however and the abundant fish life that gave the structure it's name is actually reported to be coming back since diver traffic there has been reduced.

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