El Shugarat

Sea (Salt water)
Coral Reef
18.6 m (avg)
40 m (max)
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This site is near Gabr el Bint and is usually reached by short boat trip just south of Dahab. The name of the site roughly translated means 'Little Trees' and is named for the fantastic Gorgonian Fans that can be seen here.

What you Can See

There is a small canyon / crack here but the real show is the Gorgonian Fans. There are lots of them and they are big. The landscape is a rocky drop off that provides a great setting for the coral. Check out the fans carefully and you can spot small Hawkfish here which are always diver favorites.

Great spot for photography especially if you have got strobes because some of the cool stuff can be in deeper water.

Tips & Cautions

It can sometimes be challenging to get the boat captain to drop off divers here. They prefer to continue a little further south to the easy mooring at Gabr el Bint. Work it out with your guide ahead of time and it helps if the weather is good. It's a huge bonus if your boat has a zodiac that can come pick you up and take you back to the mooring. Then everyone is happy.

Your buoyancy needs to be good to avoid damaging the delicate fans.

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One of my favorite dives in Dahab. Amazing Gorgonian Fans and nice views of the dropoff. Found a Hawkfish in one of the fans. This site is near Gabr el Bint and is usually done on a boat as a daytrip out of Dahab. It was a nice break from shore diving. Highly Recommended. (Check with your shop / guide as some captains do not like to stop here).

9 years ago

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