Sea Tiger

Sea (Salt water)
Wreck, Artificial Reef, Sand
27.7 m (avg)
105 m (max)
Diver Level
Advanced Only

The Sea Tiger is a relatively recently deliberately sunk fishing/smuggling vessel in the Kewalo Basin. It sits upright at 37m/125ft. It's a good multilevel dive with the top deck at 30m/100ft and the wheel house at 20m/70ft.

Penetration of the wreck is possible, though many access points have been blocked by locals to deter accidents by inexperienced divers.

The wreck is in protected waters off Waikiki, and can often still be dived when other dive sites are inaccessible due to weather.

You can see Turtles, White Spotted Eagle Rays, Octopus, Moray, Lobster, Crown of Thorns, Filefish, and Pufferfish. Dolphins are sighted on occasion too. The best time to go is just after sunrise for the best chance at seeing the big turtles and more fish. Can be a good site for photographers too.

Keep an ear out for the tourist submarine that passes by, and be sure to wave for the cameras!

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