Pota del Llop

Also known as Punta de la Pota del Llop, Punta del Llop, The Wolf’s Paw

Sea (Salt water)
Wall, Cavern
23 m (avg)
50 m (max)
Diver Level
Technical Only
Dive Seven users have labelled this site as technical which means the site features depths beyond the typical recreational scuba diving limits of 40m/130ft and/or overhead environments. Specialized training and procedures are required in such cases.

The site gains its name from a rock that rises above sea level and resembles a wolf's footprint.

Under water, expect to see a renowned vertical wall covered with sea fans, coral and sponges. Near the start of the dive there are many octopuses within the rocks at around 21m/70ft. Expect to also see European lobster (Homard), Conger eels, Moray eerls and bream.

At the bottom of the wall (50m/165ft) there is a large tunnel filled with plenty of life.

A fantastic wall dive!

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From Aeropuerto Girona-Costa, 43 km away.