Ruby E. Wreck

Also known as Can Am, Cyane, USCG Ruby E, WPC-105

Sea (Salt water)
18.9 m (avg)
27.5 m (max)
Diver Level
Advanced Only

Swimming through the wheelhouse was the highlight of this dive for me. Tom and I were finally on the same page and stayed together and had no mishaps. It was really cool to swim through the ship. Lots of strawberry anemone growing on the ship. Little streams of bubbles floated out of the ship in various places from cracks. Looked cool and made it seem alive. There were patched of kelp growing on the top of the ship all along it. Viz was the best here. Lots of holes to shine the flashlight into. Didn't really see anything in them except maybe a small fish or two. I can barely remember so maybe I made that up!
Maybe this is the dive where Tom and I ascended in a school of Blue Halfmoon fish? Either this one or the 2nd Yukon dive we did. I think this one though because the water was brighter/more light!

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