Montana Wreck

Also known as Wreck of the Montana

Sea (Salt water)
7.9 m (avg)
10 m (max)
Diver Level
All Divers

The Montana was an English paddle steamer that sank near the northern coast of Bermuda on December 30, 1863. The ship was sailing from London headed for Wilmington, North Carolina. The ship was carrying cargo from Britain intended for Confederate forces in the US.

The ship was scheduled to take on coal in Bermuda before leaving for Wilmington. The ship hit the reef near Bermuda and sank slowly. The entire crew and most of the cargo was saved but the ship was lost.

The maximum depth is about 10m (30ft) and is therefore a very popular dive and snorkeling spot. The Montana is often confused with the extremely close-by Constellation Wreck.

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