Host Island

Also known as Island of Host

Sea (Salt water)
Wreck, Historical Significance, Snorkel / Free-dive Friendly
5 m (avg)
35 m (max)
Diver Level
All Divers
Dive Seven users have indicated that boat traffic can be hazardous at this site. Take care when on or near the surface and use a buoy if required.

Host Island is a small island to the north of Otok Vis in Croatia. It is around 300m/1000ft long and 150m/500ft wide.

The island is situated at the mouth of a channel through which ferry traffic passes, though if you dive on the northern side of the island then you shouldn't be in the path of any ferries. Still, it pays to exercise caution with boat traffic when diving here.

Along the island's northern side are two dive sides with submerged Roman amphoras (vase-shaped ceramic containers with two handles and a long neck) from the second century BC.

At 9m/30ft there are large fragments of these amphoras. Smaller pieces and a wrecked ship lay between 15m/50m and 28m/90ft. This ship is assumed to have been transporting the amphoras. You can also find fragments of the ship's crockery here, along with a grindstone used for grinding wheat.

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