Paso del Cedral

Also known as Cedar Pass, Cedar Reef, Cedral Pass, El Cedral, Paseo Cedral, Paseo de Cedral, Paseo del Cedral, Paso de Cedral, Paso El Cedral Reef

Sea (Salt water)
Coral Reef, Wall
13.4 m (avg)
30 m (max)
Diver Level
All Divers

Experience level. Intermediate. Can be done as a wall dive or closer to shore over the reef. Current is usually moderate. The part of the reef that is not a wall, consists of a mile of sloping hils covered in sponges and coral.

Paso De Cedral is a great place to take photographs. You can find many large schools of grunts, porkfish and snappers near ledges. Large parrotfish, Turtles, and large Black Groupers cruise the reef slopes and are common.

Keep a close eye out for the shy Slender Filefish in the rope sponges. There are also some Scorpionfish here and there.

Over the sand portions, look for Southern Stingrays, blennies, urchins and others.

There is a good chance of spotting a giant Green Moray eel.

There are several variations for doing this dive. One of our favorites are the Mounds of Cedral also known as the Mounds of Delila, which are three large hills that are covered with life.

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