Brioni Wreck

Also known as SS Brioni

Sea (Salt water)
Wreck, Wall
42 m (avg)
65 m (max)
Diver Level
Technical Only
Dive Seven users have labelled this site as technical which means the site features depths beyond the typical recreational scuba diving limits of 40m/130ft and/or overhead environments. Specialized training and procedures are required in such cases.

Steamship Brioni was built in Monfalcone in 1909 and transported passengers and cargo between Dalmatia and Albania.

During WWI she worked as a navy cargo steamship and was grounded in 1917 on Galun Island of nearby Krk.

On 2 Feb 2930 while transporting tobacco and wine between Split and Vis, she sunk during a storm after hitting the coast of Cape Jezera of Ravnik Island.

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From Split Marjan, 58 km away.