Shark Alley

Also known as Ilha da Fera, Island of Wild Creatures

Sea (Salt water)
1 m (avg)
2 m (max)
Diver Level
All Divers

Shark Alley is between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock and is home to some of the best Great White Shark diving on the planet.

Best Time to Dive

The peak of the great white shark season is the South African winter from about May to October. Sharks are present year-round but the numbers are higher during these months and sighting success is reported to be about 95%.

What You Can See

Great White Sharks from the safety of a cage feeding at the surface. Thrill seeking tourists.

Tips & Tricks

Choose a reputable and environmentally responsible operator. For example, Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions follows this Code of Conduct:

  • Must operate in a manner that maintains the conservation of valuable marine species and environment
  • Will not harm or interfere with white sharks in any way
  • Act responsibly at all times
  • Take care at all times not to cause injury or unnecessary stress to sharks
  • Will not encourage abnormal behavior
  • Will not lure them out of water in pursuit of baits or decoys
  • Use fish based products only
  • Will not permit anybody to touch the sharks
  • Bait rope must be made from natural fibre twine
  • Will not intentionally feed or reward sharks with food
  • Will provide valuable assistance with research into white sharks

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