Venice Beach

Also known as Venice Public Beach

Sea (Salt water)
Artificial Reef
6.4 m (avg)
6.4 m (max)
Diver Level
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Dive Seven users have indicated that boat traffic can be hazardous at this site. Take care when on or near the surface and use a buoy if required.

This site is famous for hosting fossilised shark teeth, as well as teeth, ribs and vertebrae of other animals including whales, megalodon, sand tigers, hemipristis, rays, and giant mako (Isurus hastalis). You can find both serrated teeth (commonly from white sharks) and lanceolate teeth (from sand sharks) of many different sizes.

Visibility here is often poor, especially when there are choppy waves or surge. Try to dive during slack tides.

To find teeth, stay at around 6m/20ft and gently brush away sand. It takes some practice. Experienced tooth hunters can find several hundred in a dive, and newcomers should find a few dozen.

Lifeguards here may insist you use a dive flag float because of boat traffic, and even if they don't force you to take one it's a good idea anyway. Make sure you take one with you.

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