Palancar Bricks

Also known as Colombia Bricks

Sea (Salt water)
Coral Reef, Wall, Canyon, Sand
17.1 m (avg)
35 m (max)

The area between Colombia and Palancar is called either Colombia Bricks or Palancar Bricks, depending on who you dive with. The "bricks" they are referring to are the large bricks you can find in the sand here that originate from a late 19th century freight ship coming north from South America. They were on their way to Vera Cruz to pave roads. The large anchor here is one of two from the same wreck but was buried for many years until is was uncovered when Hurricane Wilma hit the island.

It's not unusual to see messages written in brick by divers who wish to make their mark for the next group that drifts by.

The reef here is a magnificent maze of overhangs and swim-throughs covered with lots of sponges and seafans. Good visibility and strong sun make this site well suited to photography.

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