Ida Maria Wreck

Also known as Ida Marie, M.V. Ida Maria, Mv Ida Maria

Sea (Salt water)
14.2 m (avg)
20 m (max)
Diver Level
All Divers

Northwest of Sandy Island, the 120-foot Ida Maria is a lesser known wreck – perhaps because it can be difficult to find and is generally restricted to certified divers even though it sits at shallower depths of only 12-18 meters. The Ida Maria was wrecked in 1984 during hurricane Klaus, like several other wrecks in Anguilla. Originally built in the United Kingdom during the World War I era, it was used as a general cargo ship in the Caribbean in the decade before it sank. Still afloat after the hurricane, but unusable, the ship was deliberately sunk on a reef between Sandy Island and the beginning of the deep ocean water. The reef surrounding the wreck is interesting, and marine life worth exploring as well.

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