Gabr el Bint

Sea (Salt water)
Coral Reef
11.2 m (avg)
60 m (max)
Diver Level
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Dive Seven users have indicated that boat traffic can be hazardous at this site. Take care when on or near the surface and use a buoy if required.

This site is located to the south of Dahab, and is reachable by boat or camel, but is worth the journey. Being further away from Dahab or Sharm el Sheik, this site receives less traffic and is generally in better condition when compared with sites closer to the major diving hubs. It takes about an hour by boat from Dahab.

Gabr el Bint translates from Arabic as "Tomb of the Girl".

What You Can See

Some of the best and healthiest coral in the area. Great Barracuda are attracted to the boat mooring area because of food being throw overboard in the area. Milkfish, Electric Ray, Hawkfish, and of course the abundant Lionfish are some of the other things you might see here.

Tips & Cautions

The current can be strong in the area. Especially in the summer months there can be several boats in the area.

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This site provides a nice break from the shore diving in Dahab. It's a great day trip with some of the healthiest coral I saw in the area. The boat (I was on the Romy Star) was very nice, lunch was great, and I enjoyed the diving.

10 years ago

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