Winch Hole

Also known as Wench Hole

Sea (Salt water)
Wreck, Coral Reef, Tunnel / Arch
8.8 m (avg)
10 m (max)

Winch Hole is a Spanish ship from the 17th or 18th century that ran aground on Molasses Reef, just off the coast of Key Largo in Florida.

The crew attempted to pull the ship off the reef using its large winch, however the winch came free of the vessel and remains at this site under 8m/27ft of water.

Marine life seen here includes nurse sharks, green moray eels, banded butterflyfish, four-eyed butterflyfish, queen angelfish, french angelfish, grey angelfish, yellowtail goatfish, blue tangs, bar jacks, blue runners, spanish hogfish, dusky damselfish, parrotfish.

The damselfish occasionally 'attack' divers here, though they are harmless enough that the experience is normally amusing.

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