Shelly Beach

Also known as Shelley Beach

Sea (Salt water)
Wall, Rock, Snorkel / Free-dive Friendly
6.7 m (avg)
15 m (max)
Diver Level
All Divers

Shelly Beach is a very popular dive spot in Sydney, especially for diver training. The site is easy to navigate with a "left-hand side" and "right-hand side". Maximum depth is only about 12m which makes it ideal for new divers.

The site is a "no take" marine reserve and the amount of wildlife that can be seen there is impressive. It is a virtual guarantee that you will see sharks on a dive at Shelly Beach. You can expect Wobbegongs, Port Jackson Sharks, and the occasional Dusky.

Weedy Sea Dragons can be seen at Shelly Beach but you have to go out a little further to see them. You will need to be in a group that can stick together and manage air consumption to make the return trip.

Yellowfin Barracuda, friendly Blue Groper (they get fed sometimes), and much more.

There is a permanent bench for divers to gear up near the kiosk at the beach. Most dive operators that dive the site use bins or totes to transport gear that slide nicely under the bench. There are toilets and showers nearby as well.

If you are diving with a dive operator they will hold your valuables for you (but don't forget to keep a few dollars for a surface interval hot chocolate from the kiosk!).

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From Sydney Airport Amo, 19 km away.