St. George Wreck

Also known as MV Norbrae, Saint George Wreck

Sea (Salt water)
30 m (avg)
36 m (max)
Diver Level
Advanced Only

Built in 1962 in Scotland (and originally known as the MV Norbrae), the St. George is an 80m/260ft freighter that used to transported corn and wheat from Norway to the Americas. The owner abandoned it after a dispute about repair and docking fees, whereupon the local authorities confiscated the vessel. It sat in a dock gathering rust until being scuttled here as an artificial reef in early 1999.

She sits upright in 30-40m of water and is home to very diverse marine life.

The upper decks and bridge have been stripped of snags, making penetration possible. The holds are enormous.

This is quite a deep site, and you should take care of the current.

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