MV Sarah

Also known as Sarah Wreck

Sea (Salt water)
15.6 m (avg)
25.9 m (max)
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The Sarah is Anguilla’s largest wreck - it is 70 meters (232 feet) in length, it isintact and upright on the bottommaking it an attraction worth venturing out to. The wreck is located off Sandy Ground in 10-25 meters (30-83 feet) of water. Like many other shipwrecks strewn about around the island’s waters, this ship was a victim of Hurricane Klaus; she sank onto her side in Sandy Ground as the hull filled with sand and became salvageable only as a dive site. Six months after she sank, she was raised and towed to her present resting place. The wreck is completely intact, and stands upright. Large openings in the hull allow divers access to the three holds. Thorny oysters abound at the wreck site, and the starboard side is vibrantly colored with corals of every hue. Fish and marine life at the site includes bar jacks, sergeant majors, blue tangs, blue-striped grunts, chromis, cowfish, and barracuda.

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