St Albans

Lake (Fresh water)
25 m (avg)
45.1 m (max)
Diver Level
Technical Only
125.1 m
Dive Seven users have labelled this site as technical which means the site features depths beyond the typical recreational scuba diving limits of 40m/130ft and/or overhead environments. Specialized training and procedures are required in such cases.
Dive Seven users have indicated that this site poses entanglement hazards.

A wooden steamer built in 1868 used to haul passengers and freight throughout the lower Great Lakes. She rammed a cake of ice, which filled the hole it had made in her hull. She rushed for shore, but as the ice melted, the vessel filled and sank. Bound Milwaukee for Ludington, she was a total loss of 35,000. She was a Northern Transportation Co. boat serving small Lake Michigan ports out of Grand Haven.

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From Milwaukee/General Mitche, 17 km away.