Tug 2

Also known as Tuo Lun Er Hao

Sea (Salt water)
19 m (avg)
19 m (max)
Diver Level
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Built for the Chinese government by Malta Drydocks in 1975, she was originally named ‘Tuo Lun Er Hao’ and registered in Tientsin (China) together with a sister tugboat, ‘Tuo Lun Yi Hao’. They were used during works on the Red China Dock project, partially financed by the Chinese government. They originally brandished the Chinese names on the bows but to avoid needless complications they were refer red to as tug number two and tug number one respectively.

Later these numbers were painted on the bridge and, when it was devolved to the Maltese Kalaxlokk Co. Ltd, they were officially renamed Tug Boat 1 and Tug Boat 2. In 2000 they were decommissioned and later purchased by Bezzina Marine Services Ltd. Tug Boat 2 has been docked at Bezzina Shipyards for the past 13 years, and had recently underg one the necessary cleaning and preparation to be scuttled as an artificial reef for divers. Her sister ship, Tug Boat 1, is still operational (2013).

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