Paradise Island House Reef

Also known as Lankanfinolhu House Reef

Sea (Salt water)
Coral Reef
19.8 m (avg)
28 m (max)
Diver Level
All Divers

The house reef is accessed by swimming over the shallow top of the reef, then pulling yourself over rope guides until the edge of the reef is reached. The visibility in the lagoon and shallow reef top can be bad, so a guide is necessary to show you the entry and exit points. Once you descend along the reef, visibility improves and there are rope guides at several depths to help beginners. There are lots of reef sharks and turtles that frequent the reef, so it is nearly sure that you will see those, and sometimes leaf fish and lion fish, but otherwise the reef isn't in great shape and not as full of life as others.

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From Hulhule, 12 km away.