The HMNZS Canterbury

Also known as The Canterbury

Sea (Salt water)
24 m (avg)
29 m (max)
Diver Level
Advanced Only

The former Navy Frigate Canterbury F421 now rests in Deep Water Cove near Cape Brett. Upright and in tact, she makes for an impressive sight in a great dive location!

Divers hit the bow at about 18m and can swim through the bridge to the helicopter hanger at 27m.

The upper deck, bridge and first floor levels are easily within recreational diving range.The lower levels are for more advanced diverswith the stern resting at aproximately 36m.Fish are already making themeselves at home aboard the Canterbury, with resident schools inthe bridge and around the funnel.

These are just beginning as the location of theNavy Frigate will ensure it quickly becomes a haven for dozens of fish species.

Local business runs trips to the wreck

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From Kaitaia Observatory, 95 km away.