Sculpture Garden

Also known as Cancún Underwater Museum, MUSA, Statue Garden, Underwater Museum

Sea (Salt water)
Artificial Reef, Sand, Snorkel / Free-dive Friendly
8.5 m (avg)
10 m (max)
Diver Level
All Divers

Located within the shallow waters of CancĂșn National Marine Park off the coast of Isla Mujeres near CancĂșn, this site hosts a series of underwater sculptures by artist Jason deCaires Taylor.

More than 400 original, life sized human sculptures have been arranged in waters ranging between 3m/9ft and 7m/20ft, making the site suited to both diving and snorkelling. The exhibits cover an area over 150sqm/1600sqft.

Made from pH neutral concrete, the intention is to create an artificial reef for future generations. Many of the sculptures were implanted with fire coral, and signs of marine growth are already visible.

Nearby Manchones Reef is a common additional site for a day of diving.

See also the Grenada Sculpture Garden for another collection of underwater work by this artist.

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