Mahi Wreck

Also known as Mahi Shipwreck, MV Mahi, USS Scrimmage, Wreck of the Mahi

Sea (Salt water)
Wreck, Coral Reef, Artificial Reef
22.2 m (avg)
30 m (max)
Diver Level
Advanced Only

This is a popular boat dive about half a mile off the coast from Maali Point. The trip takes about 15 minutes by boat.

The Mahi is a 50m/165ft 800-ton navy cable layer. She was originally the US Navy minesweeper USS Scrimmage launched in 1944. After the war she was stricken from the Navy list, and in 1960 was sold to a British merchant company and converted to a cable-laying ship (she was re-named "Giant II). In 1968 she was sold to the Dillingham Corporation in Honolulu, who leased her to the University of Hawaii who used her as a research vessel, re-naming her M/V Mahi. In 1982 she was sold to some local dive business owners who sunk her as an artificial reef and dive attraction.

In 1982, Hurricane Iwa repositioned the ship 180 degrees so that she faces out to see, whereas she originally faced shorewards.

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