The Islands

Sea (Salt water)
Coral Reef, Tunnel / Arch
14.1 m (avg)
30 m (max)
Diver Level
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The site is not far from Dahab Village and offers a very happy surprise. There are two coral islands here with a 3rd grouping a little further out. The max depth is about 20m/65ft so you can have a nice long dive exploring the corals.

What You Can See

There is a school of barracuda that can often be found here. Other than that the animal life is pretty standard for the area. The highlight here are the very nice coral formations and landscape. Some nice Shrimp Gobies here too.

Tips & Cautions

Can be a little bit of current. You buoyancy must be good as you often go over delicate corals. Surface swim out can be slightly challenging if the wind is up and there is surface chop.

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Shallow dive with some impressive coral formations. Very close to Dahab Village.

11 years ago

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