PREVIOUS DIVE Kahekili Beach Park

Artificial reef in sand area, besides the wreck weirdly made of sets of tires set in concrete and strewn around higgeldy-piggeldy, like packs of sugar donuts. Under ledge of boat awning thing what I thought was black coral but actually introduced something; a few wire coral with gobies and a shrimp, sea cucumber crab on big cuke, found Tambja morosa on railing by big red frogfish, xlongspine urchins with bright blue lines on their bodies under Pauline's light, small Glossodoris rufomargniata on hull, lots of fun windows and openings to look through. On tires lizardfish pair in companionship/pursuit prior to spawning. Dive a little shortened due to deco limits. They had warned the mooring line was too sharp to ascend on, so I went over there on the safety stop and it was full of great clams and also some pretty bold goby things. Pauline as we were in the water behind the boat told me I was "an extraordinary diver" and that she dives with a whole lot of people. CHUFFED TO BITS

dive site
Operator : Mike Severns (unknown)
Dive Profile
Entry Boat
Surface Calm
Tide Not Applicable
21.6 m (max)
47 minutes
Current None
Surge None
28 °C (water)
193.1 bar on entry
81.6 bar on completion
Regular Air
2,265.3 litres Aluminium
3.6 kg
Exposure Protection
Full Body
3 mm