Black Rock NEXT DIVE

Night dive, full of fun critters! Spotted eagle ray twirling in bioluminescence right at descent. near end of wall/pier. Various shrimp everywhere; rubble valley full of glowing eyes. Conger eel tail flipped around and become conger eel head. Various morays. Red swimming crabs under things, slipper lobster very approachable, spiny lobster, spiny lobster lovely complete fresh moult surprisingly thick, 2 sleepy sponge crabs 1 hanging under coral head 1 zooming away from lights determinedly if bumblingly. Little puffers/tobies sleeping just stuck on rocks, picked one up and it didn't move or react in the slightest. Green lionfish out at the ends of coral heads or also stuck on things, also very approachable. Coral heads stuffed full of day fish, mostly hawkfish but 2 filefish in one. Moorish idols different colors. Trumpetfish party zone!! Over 14 of them, some yellow, various sizes. Squirrelfish various sizes also approachable. 2 black & yellow striped pseudoceras-type flatworms and one phyllid nudibranch very hidden. A different kind of spaghetti worm with translucent and red stripes. Lots of peppermint shrimp. 2 small octopus also approachable. Lots of single sleepy goatfish in very different colors, apparently sleep with their whiskers out. Large turtle and sleeping turtle. In shallows lots of very large fast underwater rock crabs haha yikes! Convict tangs in sleepy huddles in corner of sand and boulder, greyer color with black spot in middle. Flagtails or something foraging in the waves way up the beach, looking like flashing bits of tumbling coral.

Annoyingly surge-y, rather strong at times, fortunately lots of algae rock to cling to at base of wall. Lots of fishing line, unfortunately.

dive site
Partly Cloudy
Dive Profile
Entry Shore
Time In 21:03
Surface Light Swell
4.9 m (avg)
7 m (max)
67 minutes
Surge Moderate
27 °C (water)
213.7 bar on entry
68.9 bar on completion
Regular Air
1,784 litres Aluminium
3.6 kg
Exposure Protection
Full Body
4 mm