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For all that this was only 2 degrees colder than Mala/Kahekili the previous day, felt colder immediately on entry. Shallow for a long way despite high tide, drop-off near mouth of bay to sand and then 2nd reef. Lots of fish: yellowline goatfish, brown surgeonfish (spawning, and in continuous streams heading places), large soldierfish under a big ledge that I entered and found a big sleeping head-in turtle. Tailing Risbecia imperialis pair stretched across a gap that looped back on themselves and lost each other, single one, and a relatively large ceratostoma (?) that I'd never seen before. Lots of smallish eels, mostly whitemouth with 1 stout and 1 snowflake that I didn't see. Surprisingly short when they swam out fully. On last 3rd of dive very near under snorkelers. Long end swim to retrieve stupid flag. Day ocotpus in hole, though.

dive site
Partly Cloudy
Dive Profile
Entry Shore
Time In 15:19
Tide High Tide
4.9 m (avg)
8.2 m (max)
88 minutes
25 °C (water)
206.8 bar on entry
48.3 bar on completion
Regular Air
1,868.9 litres Aluminium
3.6 kg
Exposure Protection
Full Body
4 mm