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Lobsters & Lionfish @ Sunkist

For our second dive of the day, we headed to Sunkist Reef - just a short distance away from Sea Ranch. This descent was not as smooth as the first about 35 ft I noticed Taylor's body language shift from relaxed to alert/occupied so I slowed my descent rate and began to swim in his direction (he was bearing the dive flag) - as I got close to him he pointed to his regulator, removed the regulator & pointed to his mouth, replaced the regulator & appeared to slightly panic as he made a break for the surface on an emergency ascent. At this point I was not sure what the issue was so I followed him up closely, realizing that he was not having any problems with gas supply based on watching his regulator function under heavy breathing. He handed me the flag spool but then immediately swam back to the flagline, appearing to try & use it as a "guide" to the surface. This confused me & I began to realize he was in panic mode. A few seconds later we broke the surface & he yelled a few expletives, then explaining to me that he was experiencing pain in his tooth which was increasing as the surrounding pressure increased. The operators of Scubatyme were already on their way over to us. I made sure Taylor was OK and got the approval from the divemaster to head back down to the bottom in an attempt to find Erick. He had been the first to start descending and continued down when Taylor bailed out. He DID have a safety sausage so I wasn't all too concerned - but I still wanted to find him and continue my dive nonetheless. After about 5 minutes he came into my field of view and we resumed the dive. Erick shot a Jack, we saw a ~6 ft Nurse shark & each caught several lobsters. This was the first time I'd used a snare which was essentially taking candy from a baby. When my air supply was close to depletion I handed Erick the flag spool and followed the line to the surface, conducting my 3:00 minute safety stop @ 20 ft. I re-boarded the boat & joined Taylor on the deck.

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dive site
Operator : Scubatyme III (unknown)
Dive Profile
Entry Boat
Time In 15:30
Surface Light Swell
29 °C (air)
23.2 m (max)
Current Light
Surge None
23 °C (water)
217.2 bar on entry
41.4 bar on completion
Nitrox, 32 % oxygen
2,265.3 litres Aluminium
5.4 kg
Exposure Protection
Full Body
3 mm
Erick R.