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Diving the Tracy @ "Wreck Trek"

Took a 2-tank trip on Sunday, May 12th for Taylor's checkout dive (Open Water Certification). The first dive of the day was on the Tracy in Fort Lauderdale @ "Wreck Trek" - which I have been told is similar to "Shipwreck Park" in Pompano. This would be considered my first real solo dive w/o a dive buddy. I was the third diver to descend & was swimming behind a student & her instructor. Once I reached the bottom of the guideline (the deck of the ship) I started to explore. This was a very impressive wreck with plenty of opportunity for penetration and a ~500 lb. Goliath Grouper hanging out in the shadows. Maximum depth at sea floor was 75 feet. The wheelhouse was fully accessible, as was the lower deck (which was pitch black - I stayed away from this). Taylor and his group, along w/ instructor Aaron, came into view as they were descending down the guideline. We all dove together until the students' air supply reached 1,200 PSI - I was at about 650-700. The safety stop was the most crowded I have experienced to-date with about 12 to 15 divers all trying to hold on to the same line in a moderate current.

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Operator :
Dive Profile
Entry Boat
Time In 14:30
Surface Calm
32 °C (air)
18.9 m (avg)
22.9 m (max)
45 minutes
Current Moderate
Surge Light
27 °C (water)
234.4 bar on entry
34.5 bar on completion
Regular Air
2,265.3 litres Aluminium
4.5 kg
Exposure Protection
Full Body
3 mm