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Columbia Deep

4 Nov 2013 7 years ago
Dive 3
OF 12

My first dive from a boat. Great visibility today as well. Started off a little less deep than the rest of the group, which turned out to be a great thing. First off, we saw an eagle ray. They are very rare to find at this time. And short after, we saw a black finned reef shark. Juan, my diving instructor, started swimming against it, and I followed shortly after, with the heart in my throat. The shark even came closer itself, and at one point we were only 5 meters apart. A truly majestic sight. After this, we also saw a sea turtle, before heading back to the boat.

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dive site
Operator : Tres Pelicanos (unknown)
Partly Cloudy
Dive Profile
Entry Boat
Time In 09:30
Surface Light Swell
29 °C (air)
16 m (avg)
18 m (max)
34 minutes
Current Light
26 °C (water)
200 bar on entry
35 bar on completion
Regular Air
12 litres Aluminium
7.3 kg
Too Heavy
Exposure Protection
Full Body
5 mm
Juan Lara