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Pu'u Olai Beach

24 Apr 2013 5 years ago
Dive 8
OF 13

First Drift Dive; Fabulous!

Nudibranches, Sea Slugs, and other Crustaceans; loads of Moray eels. Site was teeming with sea turtles--lots of hawksbills (apparently very rare--a lot of them were quite old); they were very friendly (one was about seven inches from my face as I was hovering), and we were lucky enough to see one at a cleaning station surrounded by fish. Also had the opportunity to swim through a cave-like rock tunnel, in which we saw two 4'-5' long White-tip reef sharks as well as a lot of larger Angelfish, etc. The dive became even more excited when a pod of whales passed through (late in the season) and began to sing; fairly certain that the same pod surfaced later as we were heading back to the docks. Technical Aspects: Negative--Ear was very painful as I got water in it--had to go up and equalize several times Positives--Balanced out my buoyancy to enable hovering; very good on air consumption--didn't use much

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dive site operator
Operator :
Maui Dive Shop
28.8 km from site
Dive Profile
Entry Boat
Time In 10:30
Surface Light Swell
10.4 m (avg)
45 minutes
Current Strong
Surge Moderate
24 °C (water)
220.6 bar on entry
124.1 bar on completion
Regular Air
5.4 kg
Exposure Protection
Two Piece
3 mm